Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 2

* After sledding all afternoon, I cooked supper so wifey didn’t have to. (Ok, so it was only pizza and a salad, but I did serve her a piece of pizza and a beer)

I haven’t been cooking much the last few years. Need to do more.

* I’m tempted to put, “Gave my all laying in a puddle, in a parking lot, trying to unhook an unruly set of chains on the side of the mountain in a rainstorm”, but I think that’s just expected of me. 🙂

The latter is an important point. My daily challenge isn’t fulfilled if I do something I’ve always done. In this case, I’ve always been the one to put on the chains and take care of the vehicles. One of my goals is to *think* about and *act*, not just repeat.

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