Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 125 – Teachers Who Inspire (Don Matthews)

Gave a speech as part of a panel event with Beaverton Together. My role was to tell parents things they can do to help keep their teenagers away from drugs and alcohol.

To support teachers, please consider a donation to the Beaverton Education Foundation’s “1 Campaign”. You don’t have to live in Beaverton to say “thanks”. 

Perry, Iowa High School ButtonDon Matthews, Government, Perry High School, 1983, Perry, Iowa

Mr. Matthews was a teacher of government and social sciences in our high school. He was a stickler for paying attention. Inattentive students were not tolerated. He pushed us, and I remember forcing myself to fully focus on his lectures. Perhaps out of fear. Perhaps out of interest.

I remember his discussions of past U.S. conflicts, wars, and social movements. I remember that despite his long years of teaching, there were many times where his excitement burst out and lodged itself forever in my memory.

He wasn’t a coach and I don’t remember him involved in extracurriculars like so many of our teachers were. It was my impression that his true passion was teaching.

He pushed his students and expected the best. He taught me about history and government. He taught me that I could pay attention and excel in a situation that expected more of me than I knew I had.

I don’t know if he is still with us, but if he is I’d just like to say,

Thanks Mr. Matthews!

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