Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 128 – Teachers As Role Models

Picked up the van to transport the middle school class’s baggage to Camp Attitude. Tomorrow I will accompany the kids as a chaperone on their annual Outdoor School trip for three days. 

chalkboard with an appleTeacher appreciation week starts tomorrow. Please consider a small ($10) donation to the Beaverton Education Foundation’s “1 Campaign”. Together we can fund 100 teacher projects across our community to give the teachers the resources they need.

Also, if you’d like to share a story about a teacher that inspired you, please email me and I’ll post it. Just click here or click the Contact Eric link to the right. 

It occurs to me that the inspirational teachers who I’ve written about in the last few days have all been men. It also occurs to me as I watch these videos from the BEF that many people have memories of teachers that are the same gender. I don’t know why, but my guess is that the teacher/student relationship is a bond. And boys tend to bond with men, and girls with women. It’s a very personal relationship.

But whether they are men or women, I don’t think it is in a teacher’s job description to be an outstanding role model. Yet, some are. And those are the kind of teachers that give that something extra to their students.

If you are a teacher that gives more, I thank you.

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  1. Great teachers are life changing without a doubt! 🙂

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