Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 139 – I Can Only Hope

Over my lunch hour, continued transcribing old Civil War records for VCU through

As I transcribed some old, hand-written records, I typed in this:

Page 44
1862	Discharges Continued
Oct. 31	Wm D. Cordell	William	Soldier	74
""	Wm E. Bolton	William	"	75
""	Eli Chambers		"	76
""	William	Cunan?	"	77
""	Ned (Negro)		"	78
Nov. 2	Geo. W. Piles	George	"	79
""	Tho. (S) W. King	Thomas	"	80

I paused at soldier #78.

I can only hope our country never returns to a time when men or women, soldiers or civilians are simply referred to by their first name … and race.

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