Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 171 – Your Child Is Truly A Puzzle

Saw on Facebook that the Tigard Good Neighbor Center is short on Infant Tylenol. Will stop on the way home tonight to pickup and deliver some for them. 


Linda Cohen has a nice post in honor of the upcoming Father’s day in which she talks to the author of Dad’s Matter, Bob Hazleton. Here is one of the tidbits,

“The small moments between dad and child are the most important”

Now try to envision your child as a large 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle to which you lost the box.

As he or she grows, you are putting the puzzle together. Every day, new pieces fit together. Sometimes you have to try many pieces before you find a match. Some pieces seem critical, others less so. Occasionally, you step back and notice how much the picture is forming. Other days, all you see is how many pieces are left to be put in place.

But here’s the secret – Every Piece Matters! 

Every interaction, every small moment, every trip to the store, every smile, every pat on the back, every time you show up matters. You are giving your time to connect the pieces.

Fathers, mothers, grandparents, teachers, friends, neighbors and even the child can all help put this puzzle together. Only those who come to the puzzle table get to participate.

It’s confounding and confusing, baffling and brain-teasing. Many pieces don’t seem to fit together.

Even so, the end result is truly beautiful.

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