Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 182 – Plastic Bags

At the grocery store, used a reusable bag instead of getting a new plastic bag. Also, collected every unused plastic bag in our house, 45, and created the picture below more or less out of curiosity.  

side by side photo of my backyard with and without plastic bags.

My backyard with and without the unused plastic bags found in our house.

A few thoughts about our use of plastic.

  • There’s a Great Pacific Garbage Patch (a giant plastic soup) as big as two states of Texas.
  • ChicoBag, a maker of reusable bags was sued by the largest three plastic bag manufacturers, (Hilex Poly Company, LLC, Superbag Operating, LTD, and Advance Polybag, Inc.) primarily because ChicoBag’s information page “harmed” the sales of plastic bags.
  • The bill to ban the sale of single-use plastic bags in Oregon is dead for this year. Opponents? Plastic Bag manufacturers and anti-tax groups.
  • The CO2 emissions for 5 plastic bags is 1 kg.

The photo above is a before/after showing how 45 plastic bags looks in a landscape.

We use a lot of plastic. It all ends up in a landfill, on the side of the road, or in the ocean.


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  1. Wow, all of those facts are very very scary. Im making an effort to always use green bags but we need many more people to do the same. I think all businesses should follow the lead of a few that charge customers for each plastic bag they use.

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