Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 222 – Writing A Thank You Letter To An Author

My daughters and I wrote letters of thank you to an author whose books we really enjoyed. Letters, the old-fashioned kind. 

quill pen imageMy daughters and I had read aloud a series of five fantasy books, Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull. A few weeks ago, we finished reading aloud the latest book by the author, The Beyonders. It then occurred to me that even authors have feelings, and a note of thanks might be appreciated, as Linda Cohen once wrote.

Maybe because I have devoted so much time into giving time, maybe because I wanted a tiny bit more connection, I did not feel an email was enough.

So the three of us, my daughters and I, each wrote a letter. A real letter. A paper letter. The old-fashioned kind of letter. Penning our thanks in real ink, I found the publisher’s address and addressed a real envelope. We then stuffed our letters in and put an old-fashioned stamp on it.

I hope the letter finds it’s way to Mr. Mull. And if it does reach it’s destination, I hope our old fashioned cursive words and cross-outs express our appreciation.

If nothing else, I felt a little more invested in my thanks. It was probably a little more heart-felt as well.

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