Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 257 – Teaching Our Kids About Abuse Through Volunteering

Thanks to another challenge on, not only was I able to provide them some feedback, but I was able to include my children as well.  

Nz abuse

Like most parents, I am uncomfortable talking about the birds and the bees. I’m also uncomfortable talking about how children can become victims. I would prefer not to think about it.

At the same time, I know rationally that even though the chances are remote that my children would be harmed by a sexual predator, I should still do what I can to help them protect themselves.

These two conflicting emotions are always warring with each other.

So when I read about a challenge from the Canadian Centre For Child Protection, I was intrigued. They needed feedback in order to make their information reach as many parents and children as possible. And that information was exactly what this uncomfortable parent needed.

Thus, a conversation moment was born. I printed off copies of the flyer and asked the kids to read it. We then discussed the contents, as I probed for areas of confusion.

At that point, I told them that they were really helping a non-profit organization make their message more effective. They were volunteering and that what they had to say was important. This prompted even more suggestions which I dutifully reported back, even the typos.

If we think creatively, we can find ways to include our kids while volunteering. There are a lot of organizations with information designed to help children. Letting the children give feedback helps everyone.

As my daughter told me, volunteering is also a great way to talk with our kids.

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