Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 272 – Creating Reality Through Connections

We cannot be in two places at once.

While I am at the office my children are at their new schools. Although I can and do make trips over to the school to help out, I really do not know what it feels like to go to their school.

That is why taking advantage of Back To School Night is so valuable. It helps me create the reality of my daughter’s school day even though I cannot be there with her.

Tonight I sat for two hours in my daughter’s new middle school, listening to each of the adults with whom she spends her day. I sat in the same classrooms she sits in and looked at the same colorful walls.

I chuckled at the PE teacher who delivered a great Woody Allen line, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach P.E.” 

I empathized with my daughter’s humanities teacher when she described the 6th grade students’ infatuation with lockers and how they spend their entire 5 minute break staring deeply into them, then ask to go to the bathroom after reentering the classroom.

I was saddened as the principal told the assembled crowd that the school district’s budgets were cut by 10% last year and how teachers, janitors and an entire drama program were cut.

I shook hands with old friends from my daughter’s former elementary school whose children I know well. We talked about how middle school is a big transition for the parents too.

All of these little connections helped me be with my daughter as she goes to school every day. They helped me create her reality in my mind.

I may not be able to be in two places at once, but thanks to connections I can be with my daughter every day.

Created the reality of my daughter’s school day by going to her Back To School Night. 

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