Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 281 – Not Every Serve Makes It Over The Net

“One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.”

— Henry David Thoreau

As children get older many parents no longer feel the need to continue coaching youth sports teams.

Not Kevin.

Coach Kevin and my daughter Hayle

Kevin is the coach of my daughter Hayle’s volleyball team. He was inspired to learn the game at Humboldt college and went on to play Division II level volleyball for them.

Today, he keeps playing, and this year came back to coaching even though his own daughter has moved onto high school.

The great thing is that he and his daughter, Ellen, are coaching the middle school girls together.

Today was the team’s first game. As I watched from my vantage point as volunteer line judge, I secretly cringed as balls would drop untouched. I winced as serves would fly errantly toward the wall. I ducked as balls flew inadvertently backwards.

But I was most pleased to see that Kevin and his daughter kept clapping their hands, cheering on the team. After every great play, I heard him shout encouragement. When a player did not do so well, he gave patient advice. Whatever internal angst Kevin must have felt was set aside and only praise and positive feedback came out. He was able to put aside his competitive spirit for the greater good.

I also benefitted from his wisdom. Although I had never refereed organized volleyball before, Kevin was patient with me as he explained my job as a line judge. I volunteered to help because the coach is required to provide a parent line judge. It was one small way I could thank him.

Not every hit is in. Not every shot scores a point. Not every serve makes it over the net.

But as long as people like Kevin are willing to give their time, our children will always have a chance to play.

Did my very best to be an impartial volunteer line judge for my daughter’s volleyball games today. 

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