Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 333 – Watch And Learn

“For every discipline effort, there are multiple rewards.”

— Jim Rohn

After entire seasons of middle school volleyball and cross country, I finally had the opportunity to watch the third youth sport undertaken in our family this year – Chung Kuo Chuan.

My son Zachary during practice tonight

Not a common form of martial arts here in the United States, it has it’s roots in Kung Fu and claims to be the father of Tai Chi.

My son has been practicing for the last couple months and it was a treat for me to watch his lesson. Kicks, punches, jabs, thrusts and all kinds of fast motion action. It was mostly a complete mystery to me, save what I learned watching Bruce Lee movies when I was young.

The one thing I took away, other than being impressed with the physical discipline of the teacher and students, is the mental discipline and focus that is required. The movements take practice and concentration.

It’s easy enough to just drop off your child at their soccer practice or music lesson, but it means a lot if you stay and watch. It connects you to the world of your child and it solidifies your bond. It may even give you something to talk about on the ride home.

Also, if you watch intently (without your cell phone), it will help you practice your concentration and listening skills. Skills that fade without use. You also might learn a little.

It takes self discipline to stay for your son or daughter’s activities at the end of a work day when all you really want to do is sleep, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Took my son to his martial arts practice tonight, stayed to watch and learned something new. (Also played a little freerice to help feed someone whose activities I”ll never get to watch.)

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