Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 349 – What To Do When Your Wife Asks You To Clean The Toilet

“Housework, if it is done right, can kill you.”

— John Skow

My wife asked me to clean the toilet tonight. I didn’t ask why.

However, I did think of all the ways a good husband could respond to a toilet cleaning request. I hope this helps you guys out there.

  1. Run. Always the number one option.
  2. Immediately schedule a conflict. I recommend Google calendar.
  3. Feign ignorance.  “What toilet?”
  4. Discover a gas leak. It does relate.
  5. Seek a second opinion. And third.
  6. Discover that deafness runs in your family. “What?”
  7. Remember that ADHD is sometimes handy. Self-explanatory.
  8. Ask yourself why you didn’t bring home flowers tonight. And every night.
  9. Promise to cook dinner for a week instead. Maybe two.
  10. Ask how. Repeatedly.
  11. Procrastinate. It’s a great de-motivational tool.
  12. Realize this is a good teaching-moment for your kids.
  13. Spare no expense. Call the maid service.
  14. Ask why. Duck.
  15. Consult the internet for instructions. Then play Farmville instead.
  16. Tell your wife you love her. Hugs help too.
  17. Ask where the bathroom is.
  18. Explain how cleaning the neighbors toilet would be an invasion of privacy. Duck.
  19. Seek a fourth opinion. And fifth.
  20. Be a good husband and just do it. She’s done it for you a hundred times already.

Good luck!

I was a good husband and cleaned a toilet. 

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6 Responses to Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 349 – What To Do When Your Wife Asks You To Clean The Toilet

  1. Natalie says:

    Perfect! I’m sharing on Facebook — maybe my dear husband will read it, jump up from his computer and charge into the bathroom to follow your example. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is too funny!! I’m glad you broke down and just cleaned it! What a good husband you are!!

  3. Eric Winger says:

    Thanks. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    I did appreciate it, thank you. I have to admit that I wondered if I was taking advantage of your challenge when I asked. (The Wife)

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