Helping Someone Else Look Good

“It’s not my job to look good.  It’s my job to make other people look good.”

— Wes Unseld

I got this email from a secretary at my daughter’s school after I changed their reader board last night.


You are the bomb!!!!!

Thanks so much for your wonderful work.  It made my day this morning to see that up there already.  Makes us look so on top of things here at the school!!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!”

A lot of organizations like schools, small non-profits and clubs are chronically understaffed. Giving a bit of your time to spruce up a yard, update a bulletin board, design a snazzy logo, or update a reader board puts a professional face on the organization. It promotes an aura of competence and capability. It’s that touch of class which many organization don’t have time to do.

You might even get a nifty email as thanks.

Played some tonight and clicked through

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