Double The Joy

“Not double trouble, but twice blessed.”

 — Author Unknown

I’m not sure that anyone who hasn’t had twins (or multiples) can fully appreciate what it’s like, but let me say it’s more than just double the diapers, double the tantrums and double the trouble.

It’s also double the hugs,

Hayle and Tessa, age 4

double the kisses,

double the smiles,

double the laughs,

double the fun,

double the music,

double the suspense,

double the cake,

double the ice cream,

double the wonder,

double the goofy,

double the excitement,

Hayle and Tessa, age 12

double the cute,

double the giggles,

and double the joy.

On their twelfth birthdays — to the best two bundles of joy on earth, Tessa and Hayle!

I only wish there was two of me to give you even more.

Gave my daughters whatever they wanted on their birthdays. (almost) 

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4 Responses to Double The Joy

  1. Wendi Moore says:

    It has been so much fun watching these two grow into such awesome young ladies.

  2. Natalie says:

    Twins ARE ridiculously amazing! Mine were a surprise 21 years ago, and they are still delightfully surprising. Happy Birthday to your girls!

    • Eric Winger says:

      Didn’t realize you had twins. Kudos to you, Natalie, for double the diapers and double the effort. I understand well when you say they are surprising. 🙂


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