The Small Things Do Actually Make A Difference

“Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful.”

— Author Unknown

As I stopped at the intersection after getting coffees for my wife and myself, I noticed this sign.

Stop tagging, please.

More graffiti.

Oh well. For better or worse graffiti is here to stay.

At least this gives me a chance to update you on how the actions of a few of us in the neighborhood made a small difference.

Last week, I told you about some graffiti on our neighborhood mailbox. Here’s an email I received this week,

“Tigard Police Officer Arrests Two Juveniles After a Graffiti Spree

Due to some observant and responsible Tigard residents, two juveniles allegedly responsible for a string of graffiti were caught and arrested. A Tigard resident called Tigard Police on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at approximately 1:50 p.m. to report graffiti observed near their home.

The first caller reported graffiti tagging on community mailboxes located near (address removed). Similar graffiti was also reported by a second caller nearby in the (removed) Apartments complex. Shortly after, a third call from a Tigard citizen reporting seeing graffiti being done in the area of (address removed). The witness was also able to provide police with descriptions of the involved suspects. A Tigard Police Officer enroute to meet with the citizen spotted three juveniles walking along (street removed) matching the clothing descriptions provided earlier by a witness.

The trio of juveniles spotted the officer in his patrol vehicle and ran into a nearby apartment complex parking lot. The officer was able to detain the boys shortly after. Police confiscated several paint pens from one of the boys. Two boys, both 13, were issued citations and referred to the Washington County Juvenile Court. Police released the boys to their parents. The third boy was not charged and driven home.

This incident is prime example of the importance of citizens contacting police when observing suspicious or criminal activity. Notwithstanding, police strictly advocate that citizens always report their observations from a safe distance and location. Safety should never be compromised. ”

—  Taken from the Tigard police media email

For better or worse, the taggers were caught. For better or worse, they were the same age as my son.

It was a good chance to have a few discussions about vandalism with my kids.

Today’s gift of time … Talked with my kids about vandalism … I’m also including this link from Sunnyvale, CA about preventing graffiti

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