The Glow Of Kindness

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

— Dalai Lama

With his permission, I’d like to share a short story of kindness I received the other day from my friend Srinivas.

Like the warm glow of a spring flower, kindness can make our lives glow.

At a recent event, Srinivas was having car trouble. It got him there, but the car was not going any further. During the show, he didn’t think much about the car but he made a passing remark to a couple acquaintances.

“I’ll just call AAA when we’re done,” he recalled saying. An hour passed without another word spoken about the problem.

He walked out to his car after everything was over. There were the two men to whom he had told the story. Without being asked, they were waiting to help him.

It took all three of them to get the car going again, but it did not take long. Instead of waiting an hour for AAA to arrive, Srinivas was driving home in five minutes. All thanks to the kindness of a couple men who took the time to listen and help.

In his email to me, Srinivas wrote,

“It took probably five minutes, eventually (they) did not do anything to fix the car, but that act of kindness added a big glow to my day.”

Kindness does that. Whether giving or receiving, it gives you a glow. It’s a warm feeling of appreciation and connection, like the warmth and beauty of a flower blooming on a warm spring day.

Thanks for sharing this simple story, Srinivas.

May we all have the courage, kindness and compassion to help one another glow a little brighter. Everyday.

Today’s gift of time … Took a lunch hour and met with the teachers, students and parents who are remodeling the Whitford Middle School’s courtyard. It’s a big project.

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