Let The Music Speak For Itself

“Play the music, not the instrument.”

— Author Unknown

My daughter Tessa played in her first recital tonight, a recital composed entirely of french horns.

Great work tonight, Tessa!

She started the horn this year as a 6th grader and has made remarkable progress. Anyone who has picked up an and instrument and truly tried to make music knows the many hours of dedication required simply to be able to play a basic melody. French horn is doubly so, I am told.

Tonight, I’d like to write eloquently about how important a musical education is, about how I heard hours of practice in every note played tonight, both right and wrong, and about how great a feat it is to sit before your peers and perform.

Sadly though, as I try to write this and listen to Radek Baborak perform beautifully on his french horn, I realize that the words just aren’t coming.

Perhaps, that is because it is better to let the music speak for itself.

Congrats, Tessa on your first recital. Mom and Dad are proud of you!

Today’s gift of time … Attended my daughter Tessa’s first french horn recital. It was beautiful in so many ways.

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