Feedback Not Failure

“There is no failure.  Only feedback.”

— Robert Allen

I’d like to give a shout out to my fellow members of Silicon Forest Toastmasters.

The great group of folks at Silicon Forest Toastmasters. Thanks for the support today, everyone!

When my power point presentation failed miserably today, not only were they able to look past all the technical problems, they listened attentively and gave me some powerful feedback. Feedback on everything from ways to be prepared for such technical disasters to little things like how to more effectively use the laptop remote.

When we fail, it’s easy to see ourselves as failures. But that’s wrong. No one is a failure. Everything we do that doesn’t work out can be seen as an opportunity for improvement.

As Toastmasters, we’re accustomed to being in a supportive and safe environment. An environment that encourages taking risks and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone. An atmosphere that encourages us to try new ways to improve our communication and leadership skills Yet, it’s good for us Toastmasters to step back once in awhile and recognize how powerful that environment is for learning and personal growth. We might even ask ourselves how we can help foster that positive environment in other areas of our lives.

Today, I was reminded of that by my fellow Toastmasters and I am motivated by their feedback to get up and give another power point presentation soon, to learn, and to keep working on my own feedback skills. That way, not only will I get better, but I can learn to be more supportive of others as well. And not only in Toastmasters, but around home, office, neighborhood, schools, and even the street corner.

In today’s worlds, communication is omnipresent. Leadership skills are a must. Feedback, listening and impromptu speaking are a part of everyday life. Building those skills will help you in everything you do. If you haven’t checked out a Toastmasters club before, I’d highly recommend it.

Thanks, friends at Silicon Forest Toastmasters. I appreciate your support!

p.s. – The irony of today’s presentation? It was on how to give better feedback.

Today’s gift of time … Gave an Evaluate to Motive presentation to my fellow Toastmasters. The information must have been good because the feedback I got was outstanding! 😉 

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  1. AveryToday says:

    I like this ” In today’s worlds, communication is omnipresent. Leadership skills are a must. ” good article!

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