One Possibility Why Someone Doesn’t Thank You

“Gratitude is the best attitude.”

— Author Unknown

As I wrote a long-overdue thank you note to the owners of our favorite local mexican restaurant, it occurred to me how painful it is when you don’t get thanked or acknowledged for your efforts.

Maybe you’re a business owner who works 80 hours a week but your business is still struggling. Perhaps you’re a parent who doesn’t feel the love from the kids very often. Possibly, you’re a spouse that feels like they do everything, but gets little in return. It’s natural to feel unappreciated.

Free hugs

What might be happening is that the person you would like acknowledgement and appreciation from just doesn’t understand how important gratitude is, or doesn’t know how to express it. Sadly, many parents don’t express love and appreciation to their children. Can we then blame the children if they grow up without knowing how to show their love and appreciation?

No matter how much it hurts, please remember that a lack of appreciation doesn’t mean a lack of generosity, love, compassion, and effort on your part. It doesn’t mean that your gift isn’t valuable.

Anything you give from the heart is valuable. And so are you.

Today’s gift of time … Wrote a long-overdue thank you note to the owners of our favorite local mexican restaurant, Pepitas

(The great irony of this post is that as I was writing it, one of our kids gave me some unexpected appreciation for a fun family day at the Columbia Gorge. Makes a dad feel good).

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