In Memoriam Of The Children of Sandy Hook Elementary

In memoriam to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, I’m reposting this poem I wrote after the Clackamas shootings just two days ago. I’m so sorry.

I Guess I’ll Look The Other Way

Rose, Peace

There are people running, screaming;
They’re scared, bleeding;
It’s not real, surreal;
I guess I’ll look the other way.

The sirens are flashing, beaming;
The police are herding, leading;
It’s just a game, blame;
I guess I’ll look the other way.

They said he had a mask, a task;
They said he wanted to hunt, to kill;
It’s his game, fame;
I guess I’ll look the other way.

Someone’s little girl didn’t go home, her home;
The doctors tried, she died;
It wasn’t her game, shame;
I guess I’ll look the other way.

It’s happened before, many more;
A theater, a school, another school;
It was a student’s game, lame;
I guess I’ll look the other way.

There are people arguing, deceiving;
Their rights come first, misleading;
It’s their game, their musket ball and chain;
I guess I’ll look the other way.

I’m supposed to look only meekly, discretely;
To feel remorse, just briefly;
It’s someone else’s game, not my game;
I guess I’ll look the other way.

But what if I don’t, won’t;
What if I stare, and glare;
It’s not a game, it’s pain;
I can’t look the other way.

Not anymore, no more;
I now stand and dare, to care;
It’s my pain, our pain;
I will no longer look the other way.

Should the world look away, the other way;
Then I’ll stand alone this day, today;
It’s not a game; it has a name;
And it must go away.

– Eric Winger

About Eric Winger

Our perception of time is key to how we use our time. The most fundamental way to change that perception is to give our time. This opens us up to new opportunities and ideas from which we can build to really make a difference. ... Yes, we *do* have time to make a difference!
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8 Responses to In Memoriam Of The Children of Sandy Hook Elementary

  1. OMG….I can’t believe this…I hadn’t seen about this until I googled after just reading your post…I am simply stunned and appalled…an elementary school???… elementary schools are the sites of the most goodness and kindness I’ve ever witnessed….young children, nurturing teachers and principals…pure goodness. (with a variety of teachers, children, parents and reactions, of course)
    I had posted after the Colorado murders this summer… but had taken a bit out of the post a few months later, so that it wasn’t specific to that event.
    Shootings in an elementary school is a whole other level of insane violence… I am so sorry. I am simply stunned.

    • I added a link to here in the comments part of my post from today… perhaps combining the ideas of kindness and compassion (in the Friday Wishes) and a REFUSAL l to tolerate this violence…that would be the “compassionate warrior” idea…standing up for what it right and refusing to turn the other way…Eric, we need your voice…I know it’s a strong and articulate voice…please use it well. We need you…the children need you…we all need you to use the powerful voice that you’ve been developing…the time is here, the time is now. Please speak firmly, loudly, clearly.

      • Eric Winger says:

        Hi Kathy,

        Mine is only one voice and yours, too, is strong. However, our voices together are the strongest of all. And I’ll do my best to help make our collective voice heard.

        It will start softly, and may ultimately stay soft. But with help, perseverance, compassion, and courage it also may grow louder. Until it is heard by many. Until change happens.

        Thanks for the thoughts. I just hope the words come, and that they will matter.


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  3. powerful words. We each need to continue to stand in light and grace and to join together to heal our world. It is our game, our shame, our power to unite and usher in a world of compassion and kindness for all.

  4. Eric, I passed your poem along to several people and groups. I asked those I passed it along to, to pass it along to others, if they so wished. There is a man I met this past weekend, Dave Meggyesy who is starting to create groups and workshops specifically for men, to encourage men in pursuing vision, expanded sense of purpose and connection with other “like minded” men. Perhaps with compassion, effort and a sense of urgency of time, these ideas will spread and lead to more positive influence. They potential sure is present. ( maybe I’ll email you with Dave’s email address…I think it would be very positive and beneficial to many others for the 2 of you to connect)

    • Eric Winger says:

      Sure, Kathy. I’d be happy to speak with, write to, and share ideas with anyone who would like to find ways to help people build better lives and create a kinder, more gentle society.

      As always, many thanks.


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