Quality Time Can Start With The Gift Of Time

“Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.”

— Jim Ryun

It was nearly a year ago that I started doing martial arts.

Mixed Martial Arts pictogramme

I tried it because my son was involved. I thought it might be something that a father and his teenager could share. Shortly thereafter my daughters joined.

Last night, as I was going to bed, I asked Hayle, my daughter, if I had given anything today.

“You did martial arts with Zachary,” she answered.

A year ago, doing martial arts with my kids was brand new. Today, it’s part of the routine. A routine whose value I had momentarily forgotten.

What began out as a way to try to spend some quality time with my kids, as equals, has become exactly that – a year of quality time. The four of us go most Tuesdays now, and often on Friday. In addition, many Thursday (or Monday) evenings, Zachary and I go to the adult class.

We’ve learned new self-defense techniques, talked a lot, gotten exercise, limbered our muscles, stretched more than our bodies, and had some fun. We’ve also earned our yellow belts.

As a person, I feel more in touch with my mind and body – not to mention the fact that I have discovered muscles which I didn’t know existed. As a Dad, I feel better that my kids could defend themselves in an emergency, and like that they are getting at least some exercise every week. With luck, my kids have gained a lot as well.

Today, that quality time is all part of the routine, and hopefully will be for some time to come.

But it all started with a small gift of time.

Yesterday’s gift of time … Did martial arts with my son. Just routine now.

If you are interested in martial arts, I encourage you to check out the Dragon’s Way in King City, Oregon. Master Clark, the owner and primary instructor, can help you or your kids try it out. 

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