The Letter Is Warm: Appreciating The In-Betweeners Day 5

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.” 

— Phyllis Theroux

One week ago, I received an icy letter.

Fireplace_BurningIt was cold, devoid of emotion. In hard black font on a plain white background, the letter told of the passing of my great aunt on Christmas eve.

In spite of the letter – which contained none of her warmth or charm, humor or grace – thoughts of her filled my mind with warm memories. Her kindness, her grin, her prowess in the kitchen. I remember her laughing with my grandmother whenever she came for a visit. Memories are all that’s left.

We weren’t close, but small, icy pangs of regret still gnaw at me a little for not having kept in touch. I know that in time they will pass. Time will thaw even the most frozen lake of pain, and these frozen stabs of guilt are small. Too small. But not too small to recognize that I let time pass with cool indifference.

So, today for day 5 appreciating the in-betweeners, I wrote to my other aunt with whom I don’t communicate enough.

I hope the letter she receives is warm.

Today’s gift of time … Appreciating the In-Betweeners Day 5 – Wrote a letter to my aunt. With warmth.

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3 Responses to The Letter Is Warm: Appreciating The In-Betweeners Day 5

  1. Love this – ah, appreciation for the value of a good old-fashioned letter!

    • Eric Winger says:

      Thanks to the ubiquity of electronic communications, I find that I like to receive letters far more than I used to. I suspect that others might as well.

      Thanks for the thought,


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