Next Time

Here’s a mildly “spirited” poem for those got struck down by life today.

Next Time

Victory cheers!! (3006990090)

The next time bad news comes to town,

The next time fate makes you frown,

The next time life strikes you down,

Get up off your ass

And raise a toast with your glass,

“Life! This time, I’ll knock you around.”

— Eric Winger

Yesterday’s gift of time … Young son managed to miss the bus, which meant my lunch hour became a drive hour. Sometimes life strikes down your plans.

About Eric Winger

Our perception of time is key to how we use our time. The most fundamental way to change that perception is to give our time. This opens us up to new opportunities and ideas from which we can build to really make a difference. ... Yes, we *do* have time to make a difference!
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2 Responses to Next Time

  1. junebugroseanne says:

    What a lovely poem. It needs to be set to music. I hear it as a blues number

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