Passing Judgement

“No one is here to judge you. We’re all just waiting to hear what you have to share.”

Michael Allen Harrison, speaking to piano students
at Classic Pianos in a workshop for members of Chordination

If you were to walk out your front door tomorrow knowing that everyone you met was eagerly anticipating whatever you had to share, how would that change your day?


My daughter Hayle (left) and my son Zachary (right) with Michael Allen Harrison – Passing along encouragement, not judgement.

We spend an awful lot of time and energy passing judgement on one another. Just for a moment, try to envision a day where you weren’t judged. Would you feel more confident? More secure? More relaxed? More creative?

From experience, I know that when we’re surrounded by people who encourage rather than judge – whether it’s on a close-knit team in a supportive office, at a home with more hugs and less hurt, in a Weight Watchers or Toastmasters meeting, in our churches or synagogues, or at a piano workshop where everyone wants to learn – we start to feel all of those things.

Now imagine if you and I, starting today, tried to be the ones who didn’t judge. What if you and I were the ones who tried very hard to encourage, regardless if others judge us?

My hunch is that we’ll start to feel more confident, secure, relaxed, and creative. And so will those around us.

If nothing else, passing along encouragement is more noble than passing judgement.

Today’s gift of time … Enjoyed some time with Michael Allen Harrison while he gave a piano workshop to my son and daughter. 

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  1. I’m in…let me see all the ways I can choose encouragement over judgement today. Thanks, Eric!

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