I Did Not Finish

Dedicated to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings,
and anyone who was taken out of life’s race too soon.

I took a run today;
The day warmish,
time I cherish;
Birds circling,
a stream gurgling;
But I did not finish.

Flowers mark the barricaded entrance to Boylston Street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in this photo from April 16. Two bombs packed with ball bearings tore through crowds near the race's finish line, killing three people and triggering a massive hunt for those behind the attack.

Photo by Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

I took a run today;
Sun guiding my way,
a break in the day;
Trees whistling,
sweat glistening;
But I only went part way.

I took a run today;
No one saw,
no cries from the maw;
Just subdued shuffling,
squirrels rustling;
But I stopped short, emotions raw.

I took a run today;
Slightly less far,
my thoughts afar;
Another finish line lay scarred.

I took a run today;
Visions of a historic space,
an old race;
Two thunderous claps,
many collapsed;
There is death in that place.

I took a run today;
Fearful eyes entreat;
running shoes without feet;
A star spangled bag,
a red stained flag;
Blood flows on that street.

I took a run today;
My path of no cares,
not so for theirs;
My path silent,
theirs was violent;
The wounded laid bare.

I took a run today;
A boy with words unequaled,
“no more hurting people”;
Now deceased,
he rests in peace;
Too many hurting people.

I took a run today;
On time borrowed,
steeped in sorrow;
Through ears that listen,
and tears that glisten;
I feel those that will not run tomorrow.

I took a run today;
Alone in thought,
answers sought;
My tribute smallish,
but I did not finish;
In memory of those who could not.

— Eric Winger

About Eric Winger

Our perception of time is key to how we use our time. The most fundamental way to change that perception is to give our time. This opens us up to new opportunities and ideas from which we can build to really make a difference. ... Yes, we *do* have time to make a difference!
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10 Responses to I Did Not Finish

  1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful tribute, Eric.

  2. Natalie says:

    Eric, thank you for such a beautiful tribute…not smallish at all. Words help us to connect and share the great pain we are all feeling. Blessings to you.

  3. Zona Lautt says:

    Thanks Eric! I have printed several copies to share with friends here in Madison, KS. A great tribute to be treasured and shared.

  4. Eric Winger says:

    Thanks, everyone. In Boston, for many, they will have to start a new race.

  5. This is one of the beautiful reasons that I nominated you for the WP Family award over at This Abundantly Delicious Life (www.abundelic.wordpress.com). Thank you for your inspiration, Eric

  6. Reblogged this on Goal Habits.com and commented:
    Beautiful and appropriate poem during this National Poetry Month in the U.S. Very well done, Eric.

  7. fkorb says:

    As part of a Facebook Event – runners from around the country… nay, the world… have completed all the miles that all the Boston Runners did… or should have been able to had the tragic events not happened. Words and actions. Run 26.2 for Boston

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