Words To Live By

In today’s world, words are cheap. Yet, some words are still worth more than others.

The following words, spoken by Abraham Lincoln so long ago …

Lincoln O-60 by Brady, 1862

“… With malice toward none, with charity for all…”

… are worth more than pondering.

They’re worth living.

Today’s gift of time … At the club president’s request, attended a board meeting of our Toastmasters‘ club. … To contribute, even a little, to building confidence in others is, perhaps, an act of charity. 

About Eric Winger

Our perception of time is key to how we use our time. The most fundamental way to change that perception is to give our time. This opens us up to new opportunities and ideas from which we can build to really make a difference. ... Yes, we *do* have time to make a difference!
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2 Responses to Words To Live By

  1. A very wise man! Although much easier said than done…


    • Eric Winger says:

      I sometimes wonder if things are hard because we make them hard, or they are actually hard.

      And yes, he seems to have been a very wise man, Mr. Lincoln.

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