A Grain Of Rice

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

— Robert Brault

It’s hard to imagine anyone looking at a grain of rice 10,000 years ago and saying, “Hey, I’ll bet we can feed half the world if we just domesticate this little seed.


photo credit: Alicakes* via photopin cc

Yet today, an average person eats 300-400 pounds of rice each year. Multiply that by the 7 billion people or so on this planet and it quickly becomes very hard to fathom the impact this little grain has had on the world.

Perhaps, it’s hard to recognize how valuable rice is because a single grain is so small and seemingly insignificant.

Maybe kindness is that way, too.

Today’s gift of time … Donated a few hundred grains of rice through FreeRice.

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Our perception of time is key to how we use our time. The most fundamental way to change that perception is to give our time. This opens us up to new opportunities and ideas from which we can build to really make a difference. ... Yes, we *do* have time to make a difference!
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  1. Yes, maybe it is…beautiful way of looking at kindness. Thank you.

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