The Making Of A Memory

“People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou

Jake French is an inspiration.

Several years ago through a freak accident, life threw him and he was left as a quadriplegic. But he didn’t throw in the towel. Today, Jake is a professional speaker, whose message is Life Happens, Live it. (book info on that attached link).


Jake French, and all the Future Stars

He told stories today at Future Stars Toastmasters about his struggles with depression in the aftermath of his accident and his choice to embark on a new career path – feeling full well the fear in his belly. He told stories of people who didn’t give up.

But he also gave the kids practical advice like advanced speaking and leadership tips. Clearly, his message and wisdom resonated because afterwards several students came up to him to chat. For that, and his daily efforts to bring light where there could have been darkness, he’s an inspiration.


Jake French, and our exchange student from Kazakhstan, Kate.

But to me, the real inspiration was how he greeted our exchange student, Kate, when I introduced them before the meeting. Jake took a few minutes to talk with her and not just to exchange pleasantries, but to really ask about her – where she was from, what she likes about America, and how school was going. He extended that courtesy during the meeting by mentioning her during his speech, as well as giving her a copy of his book afterwards. In short, he took time for her.

When people who have taken the stage in life, people we look up to, either literally or figurative, give their time to make someone else feel special, it’s inspiring to behold. Because when you see that happen – what is seen, yet unseen, is a memory being made.

Jake, thanks for helping our exchange student Kate and the other Future Stars, make a memory.

(Follow this link to contact Jake about speaking at your next event.)

Today’s gift of time … Took our exchange student to hear Jake speak.

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  1. lovely and inspiring story…I want to be like your inspiring friend Jack…always having time for people…really, relationships are everything. thanks for another wonderful post, Eric!

    • Eric Winger says:

      Sometimes to be inspiring, we simply have to spend more time giving to others, and less time trying to figure reasons why we can’t. .. Thanks for the nice words, Vicki!

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