A Better Mother’s Day Card

Yesterday, I mailed my mother a standard Mother’s Day card. But today, I felt like that card just wasn’t good enough. So today I mailed her this letter. I thought I’d share it because some of you might feel the same way.

Dear Mom,


Dear Mom ...

Dear Mom …

  • I got up at 6,
  • Made the bed,
  • Made coffee,
  • Drove 2 kids to the bus stop,
  • Drove 3rd child to school,
  • Wished 4th child a good day with a hug,
  • Did dishes,
  • Kissed wife goodbye,
  • Drove across town to work,
  • Helped a co-worker with a problem,
  • Ate lunch at desk,
  • Worked all day,
  • Drove across town to pickup up daughter after school,
  • Took her for ice cream,
  • Then to her doctor’s appointment,
  • Stayed with her through the appointment,
  • Brought her home,
  • Called and talked to you on the phone,
  • Drove across town to take son to piano lesson, 
  • Listened and asked questions of the teacher,
  • Told son his song sounded fantastic,
  • Drove home, stopping briefly to rescue a little boy’s soccer ball,
  • Drove across town to daughter’s concert,
  • Talked with wife,
  • Listened, but did a bad job,
  • Tried harder to listen better,
  • Cheered daughter on at her music concert,
  • Drove home,
  • Did dishes,
  • Listened to other daughter’s troubles at school,
  • Encouraged son with his homework,
  • Talked with exchange student
  • Consoled her about having to leave soon,
  • Tucked daughters into bed,
  • Fell in bed at 10,
  • Played with dog,
  • Fell asleep at 10:05,
  • Jumped when dog barked in ear at 10:30,
  • Then laid awake in bed for 2 hours.

Yesterday, I also mailed you a standard Mother’s Day card. It was a nice card with pretty words, but it didn’t seem good enough, so I’m sending you this letter.

You’ve told me how you are frustrated by your Parkinson’s disease. I imagine that there are days when you wonder “why me?” when there is no reason. I imagine that there are days when you wonder what you did to deserve it, even though you did nothing wrong. I also imagine that there are days, perhaps yesterday, when you feel bad for not being to help other people and sometimes, yourself.

But, although you may not know it, you do far more than you think.

Yesterday, in a way, you did everything on this list. You did it because you taught me to work hard, face my responsibilities, and persist when I fail. You taught me to remember that the little things matter and to take care of my family. You taught me to look around, observe the world, and to listen. And, most importantly, you taught me to help other people.

If we are what we do, then everything I did yesterday is who I am. But who I am is only a reflection of what you gave me. So everything I do is really because of you.

And tomorrow, you and I will do it all over again.

Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks.




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Our perception of time is key to how we use our time. The most fundamental way to change that perception is to give our time. This opens us up to new opportunities and ideas from which we can build to really make a difference. ... Yes, we *do* have time to make a difference!
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2 Responses to A Better Mother’s Day Card

  1. Linda Cohen says:

    What a beautiful post! She certainly raised a “mensch” – Yiddish word you can look it up 🙂


  2. Eric, this is a beautiful tribute. I can only imagine the love your dear mother will feel when she reads your letter. So glad you followed your heart and went beyond that traditional ole card. Over here, inspired. Thank you. You are a beautiful soul. The circle continues…

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