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What We Are Not Doing (Thoughts on the Charlestown shooting)

“What we don’t do may reveal more about us than what we do.” About one week ago, the latest American massacre took place in Charlestown, South Carolina. Using my Facebook feed as a guide, here is a glimpse into what people … Continue reading

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A Story For The Next Time You Feel Like You Are Not Making A Difference

My friend Scott passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. Recently, I spoke at length with his mother. Here is a simple, yet powerful, story she told me about him. Scott worked as the office manager of a janitorial supply store in Sante Fe, … Continue reading

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Red Tulip

When the tulip bulb emerges, from it’s winter sleep, and pokes it’s head above the frozen earth, we welcome it. The warm gesture of Spring. But deep in our hearts, we know that it’s red vibrance will soon fade; the once-lustrous petals falling … Continue reading

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