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What To Do With Your Extra Gas Money

“We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.” — Gloria Steinem At the end of May 2012, the average gas price in Oregon reached $4.25. Today, it hovers around $3.27.  That’s nearly $1 per gallon less and, … Continue reading

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Return On Investment

“My life is my message.” — Mahatma Ghandi Sometimes when you give, it doesn’t give us much in return. Maybe it was a check you wrote for a cause that you didn’t really care about. Or, you chipped in a … Continue reading

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$5 Can Change The World

“I am done with great things and big things, great institutions and big success, and I am for those tiny, invisible molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many … Continue reading

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Post-Christmas Resolution, Day 217 – A Gift In Your Honor

Bought a friend a drink over breakfast, ironically, not knowing today was his birthday… Also found an easy way to give online that is one step better than just giving money.  Ran across this article on mashable.com today. Seven easy … Continue reading

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