The Critic Or The Coach

“Growth is the only evidence of life.”

— John Henry Newman, Apologia pro vita sua, 1864

There are a couple of ways to watch an entertainment event – through the eyes of the critic or the coach.

The critic sees the flaws and the mistakes.  The critic sees poor acting or lack of musical talent.  The critic sees the final score. The critic sees only the event.

The coach also sees the flaws and mistakes. The coach also sees poor acting or lack of musical talent. The coach also sees the event.

But the coach also sees something else.

The coach sees the weeks and months of practice behind each line, note, or movement.  The coach sees improvement. The coach sees joy, passion, sweat, tears and frustration. The coach sees change and possibility. The coach sees growth. The coach sees a life.

As parents, we can go to our child’s musical, drama or sporting events as a critic or a coach. It’s easy to go as the critic and hear the missed notes, the squeaks, the mistakes, and the sloppiness.  But it’s far more valuable to go as a coach because the coach sees not only what’s on stage, but what came before and what is yet to come. The coach knows that they and their child are in this for the long haul.

There is a place for a critic, but if you want to encourage your child to pursue their passion, to explore, to build confidence from failure rather than frustration, then come as a coach.

The coach sees more.

Today’s gift of time … Attended my daughter’s middle school band concert. I didn’t just see a good show, I saw much, much more.

Tessa, distinguished musician and her supportive sister, Hayle. Congrats T!

Congratulations to our daughter Tessa & friend Kaysie, for being chosen as Distinguished 6th Grade Musicians! 

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