Fill ‘Er Up

“Talent is like a receptacle. Some are born with a shot glass and some are born with a keg.”

— David Hattner,
Portland Youth Philharmonic
Music Director
speaking last night

photo credit: whisperwolf via photopin cc

photo credit: whisperwolf via photopin cc

Even if talent could be measured in alcoholic beverage containers, it still bears repeating that shot glasses and kegs are of little value by themselves. It’s what’s poured in that counts.

And filling them takes time and an open top.

That’s not much different than a person if you pour in effort, coaching, diligence, knowledge, persistence, and patience into an open mind. The result will be a talent receptacle that’s overflowing.

No matter it’s size.

Yesterday’s gift of time … Took my daughter to a master instruction class tonight hosted by the Portland Youth Philharmonic and members of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra

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  1. One of your wonderful talents is drawing great analogies! Thanks, Eric!

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